Another jolt

Many in Southcentral Alaska awoke this morning to yet another unsettling jolt, this time in the magnitude 4.6 range.

There have been about 2,000 aftershocks since Friday morning’s magnitude 7.0 quake and the almost immediate and major aftershocks.

As the cleanup and rebuilding from last week’s quake continue, the aftershocks are a constant reminder how quickly things can change, how quickly the status quo is a thing of the past – at least for a while.

It also is a reminder that with earthquakes, as with most things in life, it only takes a minute or two to seemingly change things forever, and forever over a bumpy road to return to normal.

Be safe.


One Response to Another jolt

  1. John London December 6, 2018 at 9:57 am

    If the above is true was Trump a kind of social earthquake in a good way with a return to our bed rock solid foundations and making America truly great once more.

    I’ve got religion now, do you?


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