A time of great promise

At noon today, Mike Dunleavy becomes Alaska’s governor, the 12th since statehood in 1959, and Kevin Meyer, its lieutenant governor.

It is a time of great promise.

In the recent hard-fought election campaign, the two Republicans promised more responsible government, without the shadow of an economy-busting income tax. They promised to reduce government’s size and balance the state budget. They promised a restoration of the Permanent Fund dividend. They promised to get Alaska back on track and grow the economy. They promised to restore law and order.

The majority of Alaskans who voted in the election agreed with their vision for the state – and gave them a Republican majority in the House and Senate to accomplish those aims.

Now the real work begins. They assume office as the state recovers from a massive earthquake that rocked Southcentral Alaska and caused extensive damage to the state’s infrastructure. That task alone is formidable. But they also will have to fix a broken, bloated government and find ways to fund its core operations.

It will not be easy. They will draw fire from the tax-and-spend crowd, whose idea of good government is bigger, more expensive government, and, of course, the state’s legion of professional naysayers.

The rest of us? We will support our new governor and lieutenant governor, and wish them the best. They certainly are up to the task – and Alaska needs them to succeed, not just for today but for future generations. We suspect they will.

It is, indeed, a time of great promise.

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  1. Ben Frey December 3, 2018 at 9:42 pm

    I am not hopeful in Dunleavy just becasue Dunleavy is great. I am only modestly hopeful. I am glad that this fool, Bill Walker, is out of office. It is strange to me, even at a state level that someone who has such poor people skills and lives in a fantasyland could ever win any gubernatorial election. It should be stated that this sore loser did not attend the inauguration of Mike Dunleavy today-unprecedented since Alaska became a state. In an interview with the Juneau Empire regarding his administration it was reported that “He also didn’t expect so many legislators to base their decisions on their chances of re-election.” What a novel idea! That politicians make decisions to get re-elected that reflect the will of their constituents. I guess he didn’t care what the people of Alaska wanted or needed. He just did what he thought was right in his arrogant, peanut brain. He stole their PFD. He wrecked their economy. He destroyed the plans Governor Parnell set in motion for a gas pipeline. As a result, he is no longer governor. Even up until 6 days before he was to leave office he wrote a plan for a fiscal solution. Does he not realize he would not be governor anymore? I wonder what was in proposal? More of the same tired policies of stealing PFDs and implementing an income tax? Who knows. Who cares. It is not that I am in love with Dunleavy of have hope for him. I am just glad the last guy is gone.


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