Thank you

In the wake of Anchorage’s worst earthquake since 1964, we find ourselves in awe of the first responders who in an instant moved to protect life and property and keep the city running despite the complexities and problems the aftermath of such a disaster presents.

The police, firefighters, pubic works guys, plumbers, utility electricians, construction workers and ordinary citizens who waded in to help before the ground barely had stopped shaking stand as examples to the rest of us. Teachers who protected our kids and got them to safety deserve our special thanks. The word of the day, at the city and state level, seemed to be “selflessness.”

The miracle of it all, of course, is that there are no reports of deaths in an earthquake that easily could have killed or injured many. First responders, all those who jumped in, can likely take a bow for that; so can building codes and zoning decisions springing from the Good Friday Earthquake.

The city’s response, in our view – its ongoing communications with the citizenry, its quick response – has been, and is, nothing short of exemplary. It had a plan; it worked its plan. Its emergency preparedness team was out in front of the aftermath and stayed out in front. The state’s effort to keep transportation corridors open and traffic moving set a high standard for any future responses.

For those of us who benefited from all their hard and often dangerous work in less than ideal circumstances, let us say, thank you.

Let the work of rebuilding begin.


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  1. Ak fish December 2, 2018 at 7:00 am

    Too bad some looting took place at Stewart’s Photo on 4th Avenue by some bad actors that took advantage of the earthquake diversion. The damage could have been much worse. Glad no one died or was seriously injured on Friday morning’s earthquake.


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