Vote, for crying out loud

Finally, and in our view it could not come a moment too soon, it is time to cast our ballots, to join in the only poll that actually matters. Turnout, not only here but across the nation, is expected to be off the scale today for the midterm elections.

We like elections, but it will be a relief when this one is over and the cacophony settles to a roar because this has been one of the noisiest – and nastiest – on record, featuring political ads from the Left that play fast and loose with the facts. Stealing the Anchorage port. Soft on crime. Good grief!

Today is the day you get to say your piece. You have the chance to cancel out the vote of that crazy guy down the street who rides around in his battered pickup truck with a blow-up Nancy Pelosi doll riding shotgun; the guy with Bernie posters all over the broken down school bus in his front yard and anti-ANWR placards pasted on the worn-out washing machines littering his property. You know who we’re talking about, the guy who lives next to the woman with Obama’s visage and Green Peace stickers plastered all over the rear deck of her Subaru station wagon.

Not voting, of course, is the same as voting for whoever they support because they are going to vote in the off chance they can saddle you with higher taxes and more government. You can count on it.

If they have their way, your Permanent Fund dividend will go the way of dodo bird, crime will get worse, government will expand and you will get the honor of paying an income tax, a sales tax and a tax on anything that moves. Development will stagnate and you will need a permit to mow your grass. Alaska will be like Appalachia, only darker and colder.

If you are like us, you do not want any of that. You will vote for Mike Dunleavy for governor, Don Young for Congress (his indicrat opponent really did tell voters a whopper about her special interest money), and write in Jake Sloan in District 15 because it is time to show Republicrat Gabrielle LeDoux the door. For good measure, vote no on the economy-busting Ballot Measure 1, which is a terrific deal for Outside greenies who want to end development, but for Alaskans? Not so much.

Now, we could harangue you about voting; about how good men and women have given their lives to ensure you can vote; about how it is your duty; about civic responsibility, but we will not. You have heard it all before. We will just say this: If you do not cast your ballot you will be letting the bad guys win – and much too easily.

Vote, for crying out loud.



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