Dems ‘Active’ again

If you want to see just how low the Left is willing to sink to win November’s gubernatorial election, you need look no further than a liberal ad using a horrible family tragedy to further its political aims – and shamelessly doing it without the family’s permission.

Bree Moore, a vivacious Anchorage 20-year-old, was slain by her abusive boyfriend and unions and the Sealaska Corp., with a little help from a Florida consulting company, decided to use her death as a campaign gimmick to attack Mike Dunleavy, Must Read Alaska is reporting. (All the details are here.)

Unite Alaska for Walker-Mallott, which now just calls itself as Unite Alaska, started running ads accusing Dunleavy of blocking legislation called “Bree’s Law,” which has schools teaching children about dating violence and how to avoid becoming a victim.

The video itself is nothing short of brutal. Add to that: The family did not approve it and has asked for language to be attached making it clear it is not the family’s ad. Oh, by the way, the ad also is untrue – each time it came up for a vote, Dunleavy voted yes, Must Read Alaska reports.

“Butch Moore wrote on Facebook: ‘Unite Alaska, The public thinks this is our ad and it is not. Please post ASAP in your TV ad and attached video description, the following: ‘Bree’s Law, Butch and Cindy Moore are not affiliated with Unite Alaska. This ad was created by Unite Alaska using public domain news footage and this is not the Moore’s ad’. Thank you, Butch Moore.”

Unite Alaska was not impressed.

“The group responded on Facebook that they felt their ad was accurate, and they continued to run the ad without the disclaimer.” Must Read Alaska reports.

In the 2014 U.S. Senate election, Mark Begich ran a similar ad using the deaths of the victims of Jerry Active to attack Dan Sullivan, who had been Alaska’s attorney general. Begich tied Sullivan to those murders, accusing him of being soft on crime. The ad was so offensive – and wrong – it drew national condemnation and Begich was forced to pull it down.

That the Left is willing to lie, usurp a family’s tragedy for its own political ends and then refuse to make things right, should give us all pause. You have to wonder where the rest of the news media is on this story. You have to wonder what else they are not telling us. And you have to wonder whether they will sit this one out because they seem to have a favorite.

If you want to see just how low the Left is willing to sink to win November’s gubernatorial election, you need look no further than its ad milking a family’s tragedy.


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  1. albertus kleinenberg October 23, 2018 at 12:41 pm

    I am getting tired of reading about Mark Begich his attempt to thru lying and false statements coming back in Alaska’s Political power
    His record and shenanigans are well known. Remember how he took Ted Stevens his position as the US Senator, thru false accusations. As Mayor of Anchorage, he stuck the City with an enormous debt signed an unheard of 5 Year labor contract and left for another Political Position Please we do not need him as an another Governor with a personal interest and payback to certain Unios

  2. Observer October 23, 2018 at 1:36 pm

    Begich and the unions are doing this because they believe that their cause is just — they simply MUST hold the Governor’s office. They are suffering from “noble cause corruption.” In their minds, because the cause is (apparently) just, the means are justified.

    They are, of course, wrong.

    The sad part is that the “news” media here in Alaska is giving them a pass. Reasonable people should not count on the ADN, KTUU or KTVA to present a balanced and comprehensive reporting of the news. That is falling more to outlets like MRAK and this forum. Let’s face it, when the leading political reporters are Kyle Hopkins, Rich Mauer and Elizabeth Raines, you know that everything is going to have a hard left spin. Or it will be ignored entirely.

  3. John London October 24, 2018 at 1:59 pm

    Please Lord, If I see Baggage wearing a plaid shirt this election cycle trying to look rural Alaskan, I think I will puke!


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