Something still stinks in District 15

With November’s election just round the corner, whatever happened in the District 15 GOP primary election, which pitted Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux against challenger Aaron Weaver, still stinks, with no word from the state on the voting irregularities or how seven dead people could ask for ballots.

We have said it before; we’ll say it again: This level of possible chicanery warrants a grand jury probe. The panel could issue subpoenas, investigate, issue a report and even suggest who should go to the jail, if necessary.

While the state Department of Law will neither confirm or deny it is investigating, the facts are widely known in the irregularity-marred contest. Election officials found seven absentee ballots applications — seven — from dead folks, along with absentee votes cast in the name of at least two individuals who said they had not voted. There were 26 ballots yanked because of residency or legitimacy questions, and all of them  were for LeDoux.

Most of those irregularities spring from a single Muldoon trailer park where some of Anchorage’s 6,000-strong Hmong community reside. When reporters asked people there why so many were voting from just a few trailers, they replied, “Ask Gabrielle.”

LeDoux reportedly paid Charlie J. Chang, of Fresno, California, $10,000 to help her reach them. What Chang, reportedly a translator and political strategist, did for the money remains a big question, one that remains unanswered. He has since died.

LeDoux earned Republicans’ ire when she joined the Democrat-led House majority last year and was rewarded with an important post for the switch. Initial District 15 vote counts had her only three votes ahead of her politically unknown opponent. She went on to win 456-339. Weaver withdrew and the Republican Party is backing an East Anchorage write-in candidate, Jake Sloan, a contractor.

There is no question: Somebody appears to have broken the law. Did it alter the outcome? Who knows? Who knows how many votes in that election — one where fewer than 800 ballots were counted — were legit? A mere handful could be consequential and we only know what election officials found.

LeDoux? She says she knows nothing.

Alaskans have a right to know their elections are fair and square. To get to the bottom of this mess will require nothing less thn a grand jury to sift through the rubble and put the contest under a microscope.

Anything less — because this case involves a powerful legislator — will be dismissed as mere politics.

And it should be done soon.




6 Responses to Something still stinks in District 15

  1. Ben Frey October 8, 2018 at 12:10 am

    I would like to express my extreme disappointment with how the Republican Party has reacted to this situation. So Gabrielle LeDeux, who Republicans (and really all Alaskans) would gain from seeing her go to jail, possibly commits voter fraud and the Alaskan Republican Party’s strongest response is to back a write-in candidate. That should be #4 down the list of ways to react to this situation. While the corrupt Democrats ensure that the Anchorage Daily News completely ignore the story, the Anchorage Police look the other way on the crime, and the Attorney General looks the other way, the Republicans respond with a write-in campaign. No matter how sinful or immoral the Democrats actions are, the Alaskan Republican Party would do well to take a few lessons from the Democrats playbook. I am not suggesting that any Republicans should do anything illegal but they should “shake the tree from within”. There are powerful influential Republicans in this state such as Pete Kelly. Why doesn’t he or someone like him get a “buddy” who might be a deputy attorney general to investigate and possibly Gabrielle LeDeux? Why doesn’t someone like Mia Costello browbeat the state trooper to investigate? Instead the first reaction is to initiate a write-in campaign? This situation goes beyond someone losing an election. This is a matter of people going to jail. The Alaska Republican Party has responded to this situation with nothing but weakness. Tuckerman Babcock is the one who should be spearheading these efforts and if stronger action is not taken we ought to have more committed leadership in charge of the party. I would also lime to thank the Anchorage Daily Planet for their coverage of this situation. By far the most important post they have written about all week. Better than anything about Cavanaugh. You can read the national stuff anywhere. You can only get Alaska politics on the handful of blogs like this. Also, I should not have to receive my information on this situation from a political blog. I should be reading about it in the local newspaper.

  2. Elizabeth October 8, 2018 at 7:20 am

    I agree with Ben Frey in comment above. I am a lifelong 😊(life long as I was born into a conservative politically active family) conservative Republican but I have been dismayed at much of the behavior during campaigns within our party. From my perspective we should have ethical standards for campaigns and anything seemingly illegal should be dealt with. Doing nothing is perpetuating a bad precedent as I suspect we have had much voter fraud across our state. I am a supporter of photo identification for voting and despite the convenience I do not care for the mail in ballot system. Voting is serious business and should be treated as such.

  3. Bill Hutchison October 8, 2018 at 7:40 am

    Frey must not read much, or at all. Otherwise he wouldn’t have misspelled Brett Kavanaugh’s name. My deduction is that Mr. Frey gets all his news from the boob tube.

    • Ben Frey October 9, 2018 at 3:51 pm

      Dear Mr. Hutchinson,
      Please refer me to any evidence you have seen that Ms. LeDeux is being criminally investigated or there is any criminal investigation into this matter of any kind. You seem to think that I have not read enough or looked into the matter enough. I have looked into the matter thoroughly and unfortunately the only place I can get news on the subject is on conservative casual blogs such as this one. Please tell me where you have read about a criminal investigation ongoing in District 15. It would make me very happy to see this. All you take away from my post is that I spelled “Kavanaugh” wrong. I also miss-wrote in the post “I would lime to thank” instead of “I would like to thank” but it is just a casual post after all. It is sad to me that all you take away from my post is that there are a few misspellings and not the point that I was trying to convey.

  4. Marge October 8, 2018 at 8:02 am

    This whole fiasco is like Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Last election I misplaced my ID (but found it) and the election official said Oh No Big deal, do you have a utility receipt.? Just wait if you think this is bad, it will be worse in election of Governor. I was told by a legislator they are going to appoint a committee to investigate election fraud. What Gabrielle LeDoux had done is reprehensible . I agree this is very serious and if nothing is done the Republicans here are just as corrupt,in my opinion, as the Democrats. Great Editorial keep up the good work .

  5. Morrigan October 8, 2018 at 11:09 am

    Might be easier to see the situation as a market test…
    If nobody important cares otherwise, look for the LeDoux project being expanded to other voting districts.
    And there doesn’t seem to be a thing Deplorables can, or will, do about it.


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