Insurance covers ASD’s $12,000 consultant crisis fee


One Response to Insurance covers ASD’s $12,000 consultant crisis fee

  1. Morrigan September 15, 2018 at 2:26 pm

    A $12,000 cover-up fee, you mean!
    Doesn’t take a Sherlock Holmes to ask whether:

    this is the first time that a predator on the “team” committed sexual assault;

    the “team” includes at least one known sexual predator and an unknown number of accomplices;
    school officials knew about previous sexual-predation incidents, so they hired spin doctors to divert public attention from that scenario in order to protect themselves from personal liability;
    school officials hired a Seattle public-relations firm, in which our Mayor was vice president, to minimize the possibility of information leaks which might show the predation problem is more widespread and better concealed than parents can imagine.
    Of course nothing substantive will happen. Taxpayers will get mad, but teachers will get their pay raises, students will get their functional illiteracy, and the rest of the management-union- school board-lobbyist team will get their money.
    That is, until taxpayers decide to drain the swamp by taking children out of public schools and enrolling them in private schools and/or demanding Anchorage’s education industry be contracted out to an education organization, foreign or domestic that is recognized for its excellence.


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