Curiouser and curiouser

The brouhaha over the District 15 primary election balloting irregularities is beginning to read like a detective novel; it only gets curiouser and curiouser. As the Law Department investigates the election mess – or does not – a key player turns up dead.

Incumbent Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux says a California man she hired to do election outreach and vote mining – Charlie Chang – is dead of a stroke. He played a key role in LeDoux’s election win and was a central figure in the aftermath. His death should knock a dent in any investigation of what happened during the GOP primary election.

The race had LeDoux, a former Democrat and now a Republican who thinks she is a Democrat, facing off against political newcomer Aaron Weaver, a guy who believed he had no chance to win and did not even bother to campaign. But the initial count showed Weaver winning by three votes. Later counts had LeDoux as the winner.

All of that raised eyebrows, and why not? Seven dead people tried to obtain absentee ballots, and, yes, elections officials set aside 26 ballots because of irregularities – all of them for LeDoux, it turns out. Then there were the two living people who appear to have voted, but say they did not. Chicago would be proud.

LeDoux paid Chang more than $10,000 to turn out votes in Anchorage’  Hmong community and the effort in a Muldoon trailer park appears to have paid off, but with irregularities and strange voting patterns. Who can forget that when reporters from two different news media organizations went to the trailer park and started asking questions about the election, they were told by residents, “Ask Gabrielle.”

Whether the Department of Law will investigate or whether a grand jury will ever get to take a hard look at the election remains publicly undetermined, but Chang’s death likely means the voters in District 15 and across the state will never get the full story of what happened on primary election day.

It only gets curiouser and curiouser.


2 Responses to Curiouser and curiouser

  1. Marlin Savage September 14, 2018 at 6:59 am

    Now that Mr. Chang has “conveniently” passed away, those associated with LeDoux may be praying that Mr. Chang wasn’t
    an example of being “Clintonized”………

  2. Ben Frey September 17, 2018 at 11:28 am

    I wonder where the police are in all of this. So the Board of Elections or whatever have discovered illegal absentee ballots. My hat is off to you. You recounted the vote. You discovered the illegal activity. You pass this information to the police. Good job. fair enough. Where are the police now? No comments. No investigation on their part that I have heard about. It seems blogs like “Anchorage Daly Planet” and Must Read Alaska” are doing a more thorough investigation into this matter than the police. A reporter from KTUU knockes on the door of he two addresses these illegal absentee ballots originate from. The residents who open the door say to her “Ask Gabrielle.” Why was a policeman not knocking on the door before this reporter? A reporter’s detective work now has someone directly involved in this case implicating Gabrielle LeDeux. What more evidence do you need to start a formal investigation? Are the police corrupt? Are they incompetent? Chief Doll certainly reminds me of the Sheriff of Nottingham. Isn’t voter fraud a little more important than another stolen car? There was a Federal race on that ballot. That means you can get the FBI involved if you don’t care to do the leg work. Have you requested the FBI’s assistance? Also, where are other powerful people who have an interest in seeing LeDeux fall from grace? What is the Alaskan Republicna Party doing from within to pull the strings and make sure an investigation takes place? Another powerful Alaskan Republicna legislator for example could cowtow the law department into taking this whole thing seriously. The extent of the Alaskan Republican Party’s involvement seems to be supporting write-in candidates. Would it not be more effective to pursue a salacious voter fraud investigation against LeDuex for whom you have everything to gain by seeing her fall? Where are the powers that be in this whole situation?


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