Well, Rep. LeDoux?

While the cloud over the District 15 primary election is enough to make anybody wonder about its legitimacy, there are a few things that are particularly troublesome.

The race pitted incumbent Republican Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux against political newcomer Aaron Weaver. The initial count showed Weaver, who did not even campaign, winning by three votes. Later counts had LeDoux as the winner.

All of that raised eyebrows, and why not? There were seven dead people trying to get absentee ballots, and, yes, elections officials set aside 26 ballots because of irregularities – all of them for LeDoux, by the way – and two people appear to have voted – although they say they did not.

Add to all that LeDoux paid a California man named Charlie Chang more than $10,000 to mine votes in Anchorage’s  Hmong community and the effort in a Muldoon trailer park appears to have paid off with strange voting patterns.

If all that is not enough to make you wonder, there is this:

 KTVA after the election asked a woman – who called herself Laura Chang and was living in a trailer in the park where some members of the Hmong community live – about the multiple people registered to vote from that trailer. It also asked her to confirm there were five adults who, in fact, voted in her household. KTVA reported she replied: “Ask Gabrielle,” referring to LeDoux.

And then the Anchorage Daily News asked a different person at a different trailer in the Muldoon trailer park how it was that more than half-dozen phantom voters registered to vote using that trailer as their address. The man replied: Ask “Gabrielle”

Well, Rep. LeDoux, what about it?

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