9th Circuit at it again

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals says California’s ridiculous law mandating new models of semi-automatic handguns stamp identifying information on bullet casings when fired is a “real-world solution” to help solve gun crimes.

That is nothing short of insane and is yet another backdoor attempt at gun control.

The law requires new models of pistols have a microscopic array of characters in two spots that identify the gun’s make, model and serial number – and are imprinted on the casings when the weapon is fired. In the court’s world that would help solve crimes.

The technology to implement such nonsense does not yet exist. So much for the court’s “real-world solution.” The ruling amounts to a ban on new pistols in California, but the court says the requirement does not violate the Second Amendment because there are other guns available in the state.

“Really what the 9th Circuit is saying and has said in other cases basically is as long as a person that is law abiding has access to one handgun inside of their home, then that’s it,” Brandon Combs, executive director of the Calguns Foundation told the Associated Press. “That’s the extent of their right. We think that’s quite wrong.”

California’s stamping requirement is the first of its kind in the United States and was signed into law in 2007. It took effect in 2013, but does not apply to guns already in circulation.

One can only assume that if the technology ever does becomes available, crooks, gang-bangers and drug dealers will use older guns in their work.

Such nonsensical court decisions make it clear the 9th Circuit, widely seen as the most liberal of the appeals courts, has an agenda when it comes to guns and is seeking its own “real-world solution.”



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