Please, please, please

There may be some very good news on the 2020 election front.

Inimitable New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin has sifted through the available evidence, looked at all the signs, and has come to the conclusion Hilly Clinton is doing all the things necessary to position herself to run again in the next presidential election.

It is enough to take your breath away and just may be an answer to our prayers.

We likely echo most conservatives when we would say to her:

Please run. Please, please, please run. Please run. You can do it. Please run. Please run. America needs you. Please run. Please run. Run. Run. Run. Please run. Really, we’re not kidding. Run. Please, please run. Please run. Please run. Do not listen to Democrats. Do not pay attention to those who say your are a crotchety, old, leftist dinosaur.

Please run. Please, please, please run. C’mon, commit to getting in there. Please run. Please. run. Please run. Please run. Your party needs you. The country needs you (like another hole in the head). Please run. Please. Please, please run. Please, please, please run. Please, oh, please, oh, please get in there. We implore you.

Please, please, please. We’re begging. Do it – and get Nancy Pelosi as a running mate. Use open borders, icing ICE and laying on more taxes as a platform. Think up a new name for deplorables and get your husband involved in the campaign.

How could you possibly lose?

2 Responses to Please, please, please

  1. A.M. Johnson July 9, 2018 at 5:58 pm

    Ye Gads!!! Don’t encourage the ‘Fainting Felon’ to run. Having the ‘Snowflakes’ suffer another selacking of their ‘Pantsuit Princess’ would have the profession of therapist/counselors in overdrive!!

  2. Jim Schradle July 10, 2018 at 9:19 am

    On one hand, the editor has a good point. On the other hand, Hillary running for president again will confirm existence of the 2-tiered injustice system our tax payer-supported government runs. Hopeful that President Trump will come through on his famous campaign promise to Hillary, “You’ll be in jail.”


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