Jenkins: An example of horrible political behavior

By Paul Jenkins |

If you are looking for a sterling example of horrible political behavior in this age of calculated umbrageousness, you need look no further than the recent loathsome Bee-ism from liberal Anchorage Assemblyman Chris Constant.

In stunningly crude and surprising Facebook posts directed at the editor of a local news and commentary website, Suzanne Downing, who just happens to be a woman and a Republican often at odds with the political left, Constant unloads. He oh-so-cleverly tells readers she is – nudge, nudge, wink, wink – a  “calumnious unfit noisome turd” and a “callous unfit nasty trashmouth.”

“Ya’ll who know me know I cuss like a sailor,” he wrote in his very public posting on social media a few weeks back. “Read between the lines.”

That salty bit of unwise, comedic genius from a sitting member of the Anchorage Assembly apparently oblivious to the new dictums of the #MeToo movement and swept up in an unconstrained instant of liberal pique. That, or he was channeling a pimply-faced school kid.

It is all the more surprising because Constant seems a bright, passionate representative of his district.

You might think that once news of Constant’s misogynistic attack on Downing saw daylight, there would be a veritable cyclone of well-deserved outrage from apoplectic colleagues – of all political persuasions – on the Assembly, or from up-in-arms women’s groups, or from the news media. You would be wrong. There was not even the most desultory tut-tut-tut.

The response, or lack of it, is illustrative of the wildly different playing fields in American politics today – even here in the Frozen North.

The left, for instance, careened off the rails when Roseanne Barr, a vocal supporter of President Donald Trump, fired off her reprehensibly racist tweet about Barack Obama ally Valerie Jarrett. Barr apologized, but ABC distanced itself and quickly killed her popular sitcom.

When comedian Samantha Bee, who hosts the weekly TBS show “Full Frontal,” called Ivanka Trump a “feckless c—t“ in response to what she perceives as the cruelties of White House immigration policies and then suggested the president’s eldest daughter, “Put on something tight and low cut and tell your father to f——— stop it,” the left’s outrage was, to be generous, muted. Bee apologized and still has her show, and apparently is none the worse for wear. Many –  notably comedian Jon Stewart – actually defended her vulgar slur.

None of this, I suppose, should be surprising. Bee only joins a lengthy and growing list of leftists apparently immune to repercussions for almost any on-air, graphic insult as long as it is hurled at the White House or a Republican, especially a Republican woman. Take your pick. Al Sharpton, Keith Olbermann, Bill Maher and a raft of late-night comedians. The list only grows as decency falls by the wayside in their scramble for “look at me” moments to outdo one another in showcasing their lack of class.

As with them, Constant, being on the “correct” side of the political fence, gets a free ride for his back alley remarks. There cannot be a shred of doubt that if a Republican assemblyman had fired off – not once, but at least twice – the same coarse slur as Constant’s, but against a female Democrat, his political career would have blown apart at the seams, incinerated in the ensuing outrage. Bits of the has-been’s, wreckage would litter the political landscape as a warning to others. But when Constant does it – ho-hum. Move along, nothing to see here.

It only reinforces what most of us already know: Republicans, especially Republican women, are fair game for the left. It joins with Hillary Clinton in its breath-taking, back-biting distain for this nation’s “deplorables,” or, more accurately, anybody they disagree with.

For his part and to his credit, Constant apologized to Downing and she graciously accepted. In another Facebook post he said he was sorry “for becoming personal in my opposition to her opinions, and especially for the horrible language I used. I know better and I am profoundly sorry.” He also apologized to at least one female member of the left-leaning Assembly.

When I tried to talk to him about the kerfuffle last week, he was less than anxious to discuss it, saying, “It happens; I’m not perfect.”

It is nice that he had his mea culpa moment with Downing. It is nice he says he is “profoundly sorry,” but this guy is an elected public official tweeting profane Trump-like invective at citizens he disagrees with. We castigate Trump for it, but give Constant and others on the left a pass?

The left. Hypocrisy. Go figure.

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