An LIO epiphany

Looking at the beleaguered Legislative Information Office downtown and the continual hubbub surrounding it, we had an epiphany.

The largely glass building, if you will recall, was built to the Legislature’s custom specifications to house state lawmakers, but they moved after a few years to new digs in Midtown after a Superior Court judge declared their 10-year lease illegal and invalid. The owner sued for $37 million and eventually the building was foreclosed on by a Florida bank.

Now, the Anchorage Community Development Authority wants to buy the building for $14 million and rent it to the Anchorage Police Department for $1.5 million a year.

Oh, there are detractors, silly people who wonder whether that would put government in competition with private enterprise, and it would. So, we have a better idea for using the structure.

With all that glass, the building would be a fantastic place to grow dope. The cops would do it or hire it done, selling it out the back door. Who in their right mind would rob them? The money – ta-da – could go to pay off the building or pay the rent and residents would have a splash of green to beautify the building.

It’s a win-win. Would that not, detractors might ask, put government in competition with other dope growers?

Why, yes it would. But that seems of little concern to City Hall.






One Response to An LIO epiphany

  1. Robin Knudsen June 10, 2018 at 5:45 pm

    Perfect use for a “high-rise” office building!


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