Where is the outrage?

Ah, the silence is deafening. The Assembly. Women’s groups. The media. None have anything to say about Assemblyman Chris Constant’s crude FaceBook post directed at the editor of a news website who just happens to be a Republican woman.

We will not go into the slur, but if a Republican on the Assembly had fired off that post the world – and a political career – would have ended, shredded by sheer outrage. But when Constant, a liberal, does it – not a peep. The hypocrisy is palpable.

Where is the outrage? Where are the howls of indignation? Where are the other Assembly members tarred by Constant’s post? He is, after all, one of them. What do they have to say? Where is the news media? Where are the voices of other women – of any political persuasion – denouncing such gutter crudity from an elected official.

It only reinforces what most of us already know: Republicans, especially Republican women, are fair game for the left, which nurtures a hatred for Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables.”

The shameful behavior in this sorry episode is not all Constant’s. Not be a long shot.


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