Where are the apologies?

it seems almost impossible we could be surprised in this day and age by anything a politician might do or say – but that was before Anchorage Assemblyman Chris Constant very unwisely, very publicly embarrassed himself.

In case you missed it, Constant, in a fit of liberal pique lashed out at Suzanne Downing, editor of MustReadAlaska.com and a long-time Republican. Apparently channeling a pimply faced schoolboy, he cleverly posted on Facebook that she is a “calumnious unfit noisome turd.” Any kid can see the acronym in that.

That the term is loathsome, misogynistic and base is inarguable, especially in our new #MeToo world. It is the kind of thing one expects in gutter bars and back alleys, but certainly not from a sitting member of the Anchorage Assembly in a very public posting in the social media.

You have to wonder what the reaction might have been if Constant had happened to be a Republican assemblyman who attacked a woman who happened to be a well-known Democrat as a “calumnious unfit noisome turd.” He would have been savaged in the media, torn to shreds, dragged through the mud and mire and publicly humiliated. But Downing is a Republican and, and you likely suspected, there has not been a word about it in the press. Republicans, after all, are fair game. Nothing to see here, move along. He is given a pass.

After taking some more-than-justifiable heat for his lapse in judgment and decency, Constant apologized to Downing “for becoming personal in my opposition to her opinions, and especially for the horrible language I used. I know better and I am profoundly sorry.”

It is nice that Constant apologized to Downing; that he is “profoundly sorry.” It is even nicer that Downing graciously accepted, but this guy is an elected public official. Where is his apology to the Assembly? Where is his very public apology to the public the media will not be able to ignore? Where is his apology to his constituents?

“I’m sorry” too often is simply a quick way to weasel out of a jam, to put the embarrassment behind. Until Constant publicly apologizes to the Assembly and his constituents for his odious remark, his apology to Downing is just that – and a sham.

And we had thought him one of the few rational members of the Assembly.



2 Responses to Where are the apologies?

  1. Rev Bill May 14, 2018 at 3:42 pm

    A resignation would be appropriate.

    It also should not be expected.

  2. John London May 15, 2018 at 8:55 am

    I think chairman Mao said same about the 60 or so million of his own people he murdered.

    But then, things like that are the lefts history.

    They spend all day virtue signaling how good they are and how they care.

    But then, the hidden hate of the deplorable and anyone that does not follow the phony invented make-believe cult religion party line bubbles to the surface.


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