It never stops

The feds hauled in a record $2,007,451,000,000 in total taxes through the first seven months of fiscal 2018, but still managed to run a deficit for that period of $385,444,000,000, the monthly Treasury statement says.

The record total federal taxes collected during this period also included a record $1,050,601,000,000 in individual income taxes – marking it the earliest in any fiscal year that individual income taxes have topped $1 trillion, reports.

But even while the Treasury was collecting its record in total taxes from October through April, it still somehow spent $2,392,896,000,000 – accumulating a deficit of $385,444,000,000.

This country’s debt continues to grow and it now has surpassed $21 trillion.

Where will end?

One Response to It never stops

  1. Jim Schradle May 12, 2018 at 8:06 pm

    Won’t end until the Swamp Creatures get voted out. The voters of each State need to face up to their responsibility in this matter and vote out their porker(s.) Can’t just point at the other States. That’s what keeps these people in there. If we think our Federal Legislators are too important to vote out, it means we’ve made the government too big and too influential.


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