High-speed crash kills 1 in Wasilla


One Response to High-speed crash kills 1 in Wasilla

  1. Elizabeth April 15, 2018 at 6:46 pm

    Mandatory drivers education was removed from the schools a dozen, 15 years ago? A 10 year old could pass the written drivers test, and almost the driving portion if he or she were tall enough. It is astounding the bad driving we have in Alaska. The few drivers that actually have ability have to expect other drivers to do the ridiculous and drive like idiots and be prepared at all times to take evasive action (serious defensive driving). Alas we have almost the highest per student spending in the nation but diversity training and instruction on how to put on a condom is far more important than giving students some responsible preparation in operating a two ton vehicle. Hence we have what we have. Both drivers did the ‘stupid’. It sounds like the woman driver pulled out in front of the testosterone driven male idiot. A tragedy and my heart breaks for both families.


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