Like trying to understand air

From our You Gotta Be Kiddin’ Department: The National Education Association-Alaska’s board has passed a resolution opposing efforts to arm public school teachers as a way to stop attacks on students.

And, of course, it wants more restrictions and regulations on the sale and possession of “automatic and semiautomatic assault or military grade weapons, and high capacity magazines.”

But, and who could see it coming, the union board decided school safety hinges on more money, smaller classes, more counselors, psychologists, social workers, nurses, paraprofessionals and support staff to help kids in crisis. More interaction is the answer, the NEA believes.

Trying to understand these people is like trying to understand air.

We can only imagine a member of the NEA-Alaska board being awakened in the night by an armed burglar crashing through a door. Who would they call? A counselor? A psychologist? A social worker? Nah, they would call a cop with a gun.

Working with troubled kids ahead of time to identify and help them – kids like the one who killed 17 people in Parkland, Fla. – is a necessary, laudable goal. In a perfect world it may work for most kids. It will not work for all of them. What does NEA-Alaska suggest the school do then? Simply having more “personnel, equipment, facility improvements, and training to ensure student safety” will not help when the bullets start flying.

Despite the incessant poor-mouthing from those seeking more money and benefits for teachers and administrators, Alaska already spends more than $2.6 billion annually on its schools. That is more than almost any other state, to the tune of $20,172 per student – compared to Utah’s $6,575 per student. For that, our schools rank 45th in the nation and math and reading scores are sinking. Utah’s K-12 ranks 20th. Its higher education ranks 2nd,

If the people who actually believe more money, psychologists and social workers will save them if they are faced with a murderous, armed person are the same ones teaching our kids … well, that would answer a lot of questions.

Arm volunteer teachers and administrators. Train them. Keep their identities secret. Harden schools with metal detectors and designs to thwart armed intruders. Do whatever it takes to stop a killer.

Then, work to deter them with counselors and such – but be ready, willing and able to act if a killer falls through the cracks.


2 Responses to Like trying to understand air

  1. Jim Schradle April 13, 2018 at 12:39 pm

    Not hard at all to understand these people. They’re Leftists, pushing the Leftist agenda of bigger government growing bigger. This is durned serious and we’d better realize that because they’re not going to stop this stuff, and they know what they’re doing. They are willing to sacrifice children to achieve their ends, just like their Leftist brethren did in the Vietnam War. Leftists are Leftists are Leftists.

  2. A.M. johnson April 14, 2018 at 6:56 am

    River rocks, lots or river rocks. 5 gallon pail full in each and every classroom. That was one solution and to this date it has worked
    !! Not one attack with this solution in place.
    Too, the pail of rocks may prove smarter than most of the NEA committee on the subject.


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