Veterans Affairs Secretary David J. Shulkin has announced a sweeping nationwide management shakeup at troubled VA medical centers across the country.

It is about time and it comes only after a highly critical report by the agency watchdog. It said management failures put patients at VA’s flagship medical center in Washington, D.C., at risk.

Shulkin says hospitals and clinics in the Washington area, New England, Phoenix and parts of California are involved and he says he is replacing leaders of about 20 medical centers across the country, including in Maryland and Virginia.

Now the inevitable game of what he knew and when he knew it is getting under way. It seems like déjà vu all over again.

Politicians of every stripe, presidents Democratic and Republican alike, congressmen and senators and their underlings all line up to give lip service the VA care system as they search for votes. The truth is that it largely is a mess and has been for more than a little while because Congress has not demanded it be better.

That is shameful. Providing not merely adequate, but exceptional medical care for those who have served this nation in the military should be our highest priority. In too many cases, if you can believe this most recent report, that is not the case and that has jeopardized lives.

It is inexcusable and Americans should be outraged.


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  1. John London March 7, 2018 at 3:13 pm

    Decades of libs hating the military and not having a draft for the cowards has not helped!


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