Can it be resolved?

Since last week’s deadly shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that left 17 students dead, at least five people – some of them high school students – have been arrested across the country for threatening to carry out similar attacks.

Why is it happening? Is our society disintegrating before our very eyes?

There are as many reasons as there are people to come up with them, but there seems to be a disconnect, an alarming disregard for life permeating our society. Who is to blame? Hollywood? Bad homes? Mental illness? Meanness?

There are no real answers, which only emboldens those who would curtail all law-abiding citizens’ rights in the name of protecting our kids, even though the draconian measures being bandied about likely would have little-to-no effect on school shootings.

When anti-gun rights and pro-Second Amendment folks try to talk there is a lot of smoke, but not much heat. One side is talking about guns and the other, constitutional rights – and never the twain shall meet.

Common sense would suggest the weaponry involved is not responsible for the crimes, or we would be talking about banning cars because of drunken drivers; fatty foods because of heart disease. What we need to be talking about is keeping guns away from those with mental illness and reporting them to authorities before they can act.

But there is little room in the ongoing debate for rationality. Those seeking – no matter what they say – to ultimately rid this country of firearms generally are woefully ignorant about them and prone to hyperbole. Those seeking to protect the Second Amendment see the battle, correctly, as one over constitutionally protected rights.

Can it be resolved short of forming a police state? Will a solution ever be found that can protect everybody’s rights and prevent such tragedies? Will it happen anytime soon?

We can hope, but we are not holding our breath.


2 Responses to Can it be resolved?

  1. John London February 21, 2018 at 11:19 am

    Yes, there are answers, and WHY?

    Do you think it is an accident that the rise of shootings and general lawlessness follows the rise of liberal progressivism?

    When you tell citizens that they are free without any earned reasons to be free, it turns into a free for all, with little accountability.

    When citizens get supposed pretend freedom without responsibility, anarchy ensues.

    Most citizens really do not desire to be free and do not know how to be free. How citizens willingly follow mass unfree movements like Communism and Nazism prove this.

    The constant brainwashing of America youth for many decades has had it’s desired effect.

    They have been conditioned to believe that it is not their parents that have the wisdom, but it is they, that are wiser than the elders. Destroy the nuclear family was in code, with a full battering ram of fake unearned “rights” to do the real dirty work.

    “Never trust anyone over 30”, was once the slogan of the pied pipers of social destruction way back in the 60’s.

    “Tune in, turn on (with drugs) drop out.” the crazies on the left belted out in song and universities.

    Religion, Patriotism, and proper citizenship were turned upside down and inside out. Quite clever of the crazies.

    And here we are, ghostly lost destructive drug addled shadows of our previous selves.

  2. A.M. johnson February 21, 2018 at 8:02 pm

    We defend our President….with guns.
    We defend our Congress….with guns.
    We defend our athletes…..with guns.
    We defend our Governors…..with guns.
    We defend our Celebrities…..with guns.
    We defend our banks…..with guns.
    We defend our courts…..with guns.
    We defend our children….with a sign.
    “This is a gun free zone”


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