MRAK: ‘Don Young added to the Dem’s target list for 2018’


One Response to MRAK: ‘Don Young added to the Dem’s target list for 2018’

  1. A.M. johnson February 12, 2018 at 12:59 pm


    Long time voter who had in the distant past, voted for “Yukon Don”. But not in the recent three election cycles. Mainly due to his support for the “Establishment” of which he is a charter member.
    Due of course, to leverage his being a single representative. I understood that even when I voted for who ever ran against him in the primary. Sure, I voted for him in the general over any Democrat and will do so here again.

    Did you notice in this article that due to the departure of wage earning and private professional voters, (Suspect Conservative or Republicans by the tone) that all that is left is what has to be described by reading, ‘Free Loaders and government employees’) Sad state of affairs when these two category are recognized as a political power base.



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