What does it say about us?

A man who strangled a woman last year during sex in a homeless camp – taking 45 minutes to do it; changing hands when he tired – will spend six years in prison. Six years, with an additional three suspended.

Jeffrey McCracken killed Susan Ragan, who was 48 when she died. It has been reported that he could be eligible for parole after four years – or two-and-one-half years from now with credit for time already served.

He initially was charged with second-degree murder and manslaughter, though a grand jury indicted him only for manslaughter. Why? That is anybody’s guess. McCracken pleaded guilty in September and was sentenced by Judge Michael Wolverton.

Something seems very, very wrong in all this. Six years in prison for strangling a woman and taking nearly an hour to do it, even changing hands when he tired, would seem a crime that can only be described as heinous.

The killing and the punishment must make you wonder: Is a human life, ended in such horrific circumstances, worth only six years – or even less? What does it say about the “justice” system? What does it say about the state?

More important: What does it say about us?




One Response to What does it say about us?

  1. Rusty February 14, 2018 at 1:16 am

    Can we please bring back public hangings?


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