Sales, income taxes should require statewide vote

Here is a Senate bill Alaskans can – and should – get behind: Senate Bill 130.

Sen. Kevin Meyer, R-Anchorage, pre-filed the measure, which would require a statewide ratification vote before any new sales or income tax could take effect.

What great idea.

And why not? Voting on taxes certainly is done elsewhere. Several states require a statewide vote to determine tax increases, reforms or cuts. California’s landmark Proposition 13 vote is an example. Florida’s Constitution requires a referendum to approve any income tax before it could be levied.

Setting the stage for Alaskans to have the last say in whether they want their income or purchases to be taxed makes perfect sense. After all, they do not exist to pay for our over-size government; the over-size government exists to serve them.

With the idea of levying an income tax as a first resort off the table – and the House majority did just that last year – perhaps lawmakers instead of turning to Alaskans’ bank accounts would, instead, come up with another way to make government better fit revenues.

Or, they could try to sell voters on the idea of paying such a tax to fund government is the right thing to do.

In either instance, voters should, indeed, have the last say about allowing the government into their pocketbooks.

One can only hope lawmakers embrace SB130.



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