Drug education

Sometimes it seems as if Alaskans simply cannot find enough ways to kill themselves. Opioids. Booze. Crack. Spice. And now meth – again.

Methamphetamine can be produced by home chemists and is again becoming a public health threat, the Alaska Dispatch News reports. Two three-year averages bear that out. The death rate jumped four-fold from 2008-2010 to 2014-2016.

The drug is blamed for 193 overdose deaths, from 2008 to 20016, but there were 233 meth-related deaths in Alaska in the same time period, the newspaper reports, “from causes such as drownings or falls while the person was on meth….”

That is bad enough, but add to that a recent study’s finding that of 1,332 students from 40 high schools across Alaska who were surveyed, less than half reported they think taking prescription drugs, including opioid pain medications differently than prescribed – and other drugs, too – is a serious risk.

All that seems to indicate a fairly casual approach to the dangers that using drugs can pose and it indicates Alaska has a big problem.

What is needed is an intense educational process detailing for these kids the dangers of recklessly using drugs such a opioids and meth and we have said it before – it needs to start early and be repeated often.



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  1. John London November 12, 2017 at 11:54 am

    It has been started early and repeated often for 50 years!

    It’s great for giving a certain group of people jobs…guess who?

    Solves nothing, except for the very lucky few and stats prove it.

    A lot of people come here for the wrong reason and the love of the North is not one of them.

    The music, the movies, the culture has been “educating” youth for a long time about drugs. All pushing drugs that is.

    Movie “Up in Smoke” is a great example and hundreds more.

    Get real please!!! Other countries have a much better track record on anti-drug.

    They don’t put up with it period…


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