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Williams: Racist exam questions?

By Walter E. Williams | The U.S. Department of Justice recently sued the Baltimore County government alleging that its written test for police…

Boaz: No enemies to the right?

By David Boaz | Conservatives have long criticized liberals for what they see as a policy of “no enemies to the left.” That…

Preble: Trump deserves a national security adviser who agrees with him and can translate his ‘America first’ vision into concrete action

By Christopher A. Preble | For those who argued that Donald Trump’s foreign policy views were dramatically different from those of his predecessors,…

Brennan: Caribou thrived near drill rigs

By Tom Brennan | This week’s vote by Democrats in the U.S. House against opening the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife…

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The idea of playing the national anthem and state song, “Alaska’s Flag,” monthly in Anchorage schools seemed so timely, so cogent, so right, but not everybody agreed. The…

It is not often you see the kind of journalistic malpractice that had the New York Times reporting Brett Kavanaugh exposed himself to a female classmate at a…

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