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Pruden: An Austrian thumb in the eye of the elites

By Wesley Pruden | The elites everywhere are having a hard time. When the peasants no longer salute, tug a forelock and obey…

Jenkins: The answer is smaller government, not more taxes

By Paul Jenkins | Oh, goodie, another tax — and spend — scheme hatched in City Hall. This time it is a 10-cent-a-gallon…

Griffin: Chronic school absenteeism; more to the story

By Bob Griffin : On Sept. 18, Charles Wohlforth posted an opinion in the Alaska Dispatch News with a headline that read: “A fourth of…

Brennan: White House day care center

By Tom Brennan Is Donald Trump a serious person? It’s difficult to come up with a definitive answer to that question, especially for…

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If you were a legislator itching to stick Alaskans with an income tax rather than cutting government to better meet existing revenue, would you be anxious for your…

Gov. Bill Walker owes Alaskans answers on why the Department of Corrections Division of Institutions Director Bruce Busby and Deputy Director Caitlin Price no longer work for the agency.…

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Copper River reds in time for dinner

ACE Air Cargo says it wins the race to deliver the first Copper River salmon to hungry residents of Anchorage and will unload a delivery of fresh Copper…

West Berlin Restaurant covers the classics.

By Scott Banks West Berlin 4133 Mountain View Dr. (907) 277-7600 I held no expectations when I visited West Berlin Restaurant, sheltered on the east end of Mountain…

Kalua pork sandwiches for the Super Bowl crowd

By Scott Banks For some reason sandwiches came to mind when I was planning the eats for Super Bowl Sunday. So I decided on kalua pork sandwiches. You…

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The locomotive 556 on the Delaney Park Strip.   Follow…

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