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Pruden: In certain precincts, we’re all snowflakes now

By Wesley Pruden | When Muslim terrorists brought down the World Trade Center 17 years ago, the Paris newspapers, in a fit of…

Jenkins: Is Gov. Dunleavy an accidental genius?

By Paul Jenkins | Eating lunch the other day, a friend turned and asked: “So, do you think Dunleavy is crazy or an…

Brennan: Let’s change the world

By Tom Brennan It’s time to bite the bullet and admit that human activities are heating up the planet to a very dangerous…

Tanner: The questions medicare-for-all supporters must answer

By Michael D. Tanner | Vermont senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has officially unveiled the latest version of his plan for…

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It will be interesting to see whether legislators approve Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s three proposed constitutional amendments, changes that would go a long way toward putting the state’s fiscal…

Those of you who have invested your time, money and red pens to remind lawmakers you want smaller government are giving our big-government betters in Juneau the heebie-jeebies.…

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Low Tide


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