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Brennan: We live in interesting times

By Tom Brennan | With impeachment looming for President Donald Trump in Washington and a fast-growing recall effort threatening Gov. Mike Dunleavy in…

Samples: Warren’s dangerous lie

By John Samples | Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign has a new Facebook ad claiming Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, has endorsed Donald…

Neily: There are way too many prosecutors in the federal judiciary

By Clark Neily | It’s no secret that federal judges do not, by and large, look like the rest of us. They are…

Elder: The NBA and the elephant on the court

By Larry Elder | The general manager of the NBA’s Houston Rockets posted a “controversial” tweet that simply read: “Fight for Freedom. Stand…

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Count us among those agog at Senate President Cathy Giessel’s recent declaration of support for Rep. Josh Revak to succeed the late Republican Sen. Chris Birch in District…

Here is a surprise: The number of homeless people in Anchorage has increased by more than 200 people since last year. The city conducted a week-long count in the…

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Low Tide


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