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Singer: Evidence pours more cold water on the false narrative that prescriptions caused the opioid crisis

By Jeffrey A. Singer | A new study reported in the November 1, 2019 Annals of Emergency Medicine pours more cold water on the false…

Elder: How crazy is Warren’s health care plan?

By Larry Elder | Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., wants “Medicare for All,” as does Sen. Bernie Sanders, D-Vt., her self-described “Democratic socialist” rival.…

Williams: Scientists – Dishonest or afraid?

By Walter E. Williams | The absolute worst case of professional incompetence and dishonesty is in the area of climate science. Tony Heller…

Singer: FDA should make anti‐HIV drug over the counter

By Jeffrey A. Singer | Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar announced last week a federal suit against Gilead Sciences, makers of pre-exposure…

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Those seeking to increase the oil production tax on North Slope producers should take note: ConocoPhillips says it wants to sell pieces and parts of its Alaska projects,…

Watching the Democrats’ herd of 2020 presidential hopefuls tussling with one another on-stage in the party’s televised debate series, you could be forgiven fearing for the nation’s future.…

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