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Feeny: FBI sets eyes on black freedom of speech

By Matthew Feeney | The FBI has identified a new threat: the “Black Identity Extremist” (BIE), whose perceptions of police brutality are very…

Pruden: The NFL owners with a playbook of their own

By Wesley Pruden | The owners of the National Football League finally came up with a playbook of their own. Beset by players…

Elder: Yes, Weinstein accusers are brave – so were Jones, Willey and Broaddrick

By Larry Elder | In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, among others, praised the Weinstein…

Williams: Who pays what in taxes?

By Walter E. Williams |Politicians exploit public ignorance. Few areas of public ignorance provide as many opportunities for political demagoguery as taxation. Today…

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In rare, thinly veiled criticism, two former presidents in an unprecedented single day this week lambasted the miserable state of politics in this nation. Neither mentioned President Donald…

A Superior Court judge has ruled a political party can nominate an Independent candidate for office in its primary election rather than one of it members, and the…

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Copper River reds in time for dinner

ACE Air Cargo says it wins the race to deliver the first Copper River salmon to hungry residents of Anchorage and will unload a delivery of fresh Copper…

West Berlin Restaurant covers the classics.

By Scott Banks West Berlin 4133 Mountain View Dr. (907) 277-7600 I held no expectations when I visited West Berlin Restaurant, sheltered on the east end of Mountain…

Kalua pork sandwiches for the Super Bowl crowd

By Scott Banks For some reason sandwiches came to mind when I was planning the eats for Super Bowl Sunday. So I decided on kalua pork sandwiches. You…

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The locomotive 556 on the Delaney Park Strip.   Follow…

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