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Brennan: Our better angels win

By Tom Brennan | The Permanent Fund dividend program somehow tends to bring out our better angels every year. I may be sticking my…

Marini: Politics by other means – The use and abuse of scandal

The following is adapted from a speech delivered at Hillsdale College on September 11, 2018, during a conference on “American Political Scandals” sponsored…

Pruden: The most important 44 words in the Constitution

By Wesley Pruden | The First Amendment to the Constitution, the most important 44 words in that priceless and precious promise of liberty…

Elder: Trump’s ‘infrastructure’ plan versus Obama’s ‘stimulus’ – Part II

By Larry Elder | My previous column objected to President Donald Trump and Sen. Chuck Schumer’s, D-N.Y., proposed $2 trillion “infrastructure” spending. As…

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With lawmakers finally seeing the light and passing a tougher crime package sought by Gov. Mike Dunleavy, there still is much work for them to do in the…

The Fox News headline “ICE to hire contractor to transport 225,000 migrants to shelters across the US” got our attention. The story says the government is looking for…

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